A Foundational Education

 In Homeschool

By Maria Luisa Calvano | Homeschool Student & Ciudad Refugio Volunteer

I started in home school at the age of six years old with my brother at home. We did home school at home for two years until we started doing it in the foundation with some women from the foundation’s program. The home school program continued to grow, and now we are studying from a virtual platform called unicab.org. (The program was designed for students whose schedule is most compatible with a self paced style of learning). I am now twelve years old and in the sixth grade. I like the home school program because we can spend time with a close group of friends, we have fun, we can work at our own pace, and our teachers love us a lot. The subject I like most is Spanish, I enjoy the spelling and grammar. However, English is a very important subject too because there are many people that come to the foundation from the United States, and other missionaries from around the world that speak English, so it is good for us to be able to communicate with them when they come. For example, when a group of Chiropractors came to the foundation, they chose me to be a translator. It was cool to be able to work with them, and I enjoy translating. I also have time to enjoy other extracurricular activities outside of school like music and sports, and there is always a lot going on in the foundation that I help with.

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