Residential Restoration

The Ciudad Refugio restoration program offers men and women opportunity to experience freedom from life – controlling problems.  Patterned after Teen Challenge, the program philosophy is to identify and treat root issues behind addiction and other disorders.  Program participants work individually with a mentor receiving a variety of teaching and training through daily bible study, mentoring time, and life skills development.  Through this holistic process, individuals are encouraged to relearn their God-given identity and to restore damaged relationships with God, self and others.

The restoration program teaches basic life skills helping individuals learn coping and management skills related to real life situations and challenges.  While in the restoration program, individuals are assigned to a variety of work projects including cooking, baking, cleaning, repairing, construction, maintenance and assembly style production.  Work projects are designed to teach work ethic while training individuals in specific trades to help increase employability upon completion of the Ciudad Refugio restoration program.


No one turned away

Our doors are open to all in need regardless of socioeconomic background or financial capacity. We recognize that we are the last stop for many and we commit ourselves to offering second, third and fourth chances to those desperate for hope and change.


A family in recovery

We believe that restoration and recovery is a process for the whole family.  Where there is an individual struggling with addiction, there is usually a family in need of restoration.  And where a family is restored an individual´s chances for long term recovery are greatly increased.


The Jesus factor

Ciudad Refugio offers a Christ-centered recovery model, patterned after Teen Challenge, and an environment focused on creating an authentic connection to God.  The Jesus Factor marks the central difference between Christian and secular recovery programs.  The strength of an individual´s faith makes a significant difference in their recovery process and in their ability to remain free from substance abuse over time.

Complete restoration


In order to be successful in life, one must have self-discipline. We teach this to participants through daily schedules, chores, scripture memory, and more.

Work ethics

We teach our participants how to be great employees that can work well with or without supervision.


We assign each participant a mentor to help walk them through the year long program with love, connection, correction, and discipline.

Goal settings

We help participants set and attain goals vocationally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.


Most of our participants, though perceived as hardened, have very tender hearts with deep woundings. We create space for the Lord to touch and heal, as well as speak truth over their lives.


During the 3 to 6 month transition period after graduation, we help graduates get connected in community where they continue to grow in the Lord.

Restoration program facility

Our facility was designed intentionally for sustainability, and to serve the needs of our various restoration programs. Solar panels, rain-water catchers, and more are utilized to help the program run at a low maintenance cost. There are separate floors for men and women, each designed to use the space as efficiently as possible. Each room has enough space for 6 people and their belongings, and each floor contains a private room and bathroom for leaders, most of whom are themselves graduates from the program.


Restoration program stats

30- 0
Men and women enrolled at a time
18- 0
Age range
0 %
0 %
Leading happy, healthy lives after 5 years*


We believe that the Bible emphasizes the importance of the family. We seek to make the Ciudad Refugio home for the men and women in our restoration programs. Those who lead and serve do so in love creating an atmosphere where program participants become family, encouraging and building one another up as we walk this difficult journey together. For many, it is the first time in their lives they have experienced true, God-centered, healthy relationships.

Ways to get involved


Come volunteer with us! Join individuals and groups from around the world signing-up to make a difference.


Give financially and make a direct difference in the lives of vulnerable men, women, children and families.

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