Men’s Homeless Shelter

Referred to on the streets as “Douglas’ place,” the Ciudad Refugio men´s homeless shelter provides safety and refuge for those living on the streets of Medellin.

Some of our shelter residents have been here long enough to consider it a home, others come for just one or two nights while they are down on their luck, in transition or applying for government assistance.  Regardless of the length of stay all find safety, a clean sleeping pad, a storage room to guard their belongings and a quiet place to rest their head. 

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Entry process

The Ciudad Refugio shelter can sleep up to 100 people each night with average attendance of 50– 65 nightly.  In order to enter the shelter, men must be free from the influence of drugs and alcohol and not have any weapons or drug paraphernalia on their person.  Each person must also commit to abstaining from the use of violence or aggression.  Those who plan to stay longer than a week in the shelter must attend one of the weekly church services offered by Ciudad Refugio.


Secure facility

The building is securely locked to protect our guests from potential outside violence


Safety inspection

We inspect each person and their belongings for anything harmful to others


No substance

Drugs are strictly prohibited and are confiscated at the door to be thrown out


Clean environment

Our facility is completely wiped down daily to maintain a clean enviroment


Low-cost showers

We encourage responsibility to our guests by charging a low fee to use the showers


Low-cost meals

We sell food and baked goods from our bakery at a reduced cost for our guests

A Look at the past

Harry Dietrich

Men’s Program and Organizational Operations

Path to a changed life

The Ciudad Refugio homeless shelter is the second level of contact made by the Ciudad Refugio team. The initial contact is made through the Agua Panela outreach inviting those on the streets to come and sleep in the shelter. 

Once individuals begin sleeping in the shelter, Ciudad Refugio volunteers and workers begin building relationships to encourage individuals to make a decision to commit to a one-year restoration program.  A weekly bible study and church service are offered specifically tailored towards the unique needs of this population.   Shower facilities and food are also offered at reduced prices. 

Stay at the homeless shelter


Join the restoration program


Graduate to the transition program

Guest to leader

When I was an adolescent I began to drink alcohol and spend time in clubs. As I grew older I continued in this lifestyle and at the age of 18 I used cocaine for the first time.  This led me quickly into addiction and I spent 5 years as a slave to drugs.  As a result of my addiction I damaged relationships with my family and my girlfriend at the time.  Four years into my addiction the situation was bad enough that I became homeless and spent a year and a half living on the streets of Medellin.

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Come volunteer with us! Join individuals and groups from around the world signing-up to make a difference.


Give financially and make a direct difference in the lives of vulnerable men, women, children and families.

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