Ciudad Refugio strives to be self-sufficient in its operations with a goal towards long term stability in program delivery. It is important to us to steward well our resources and to build without incurring debt. Additionally, we are aware of our environment and the need to preserve it. We are committed to doing our part in the local community, modeling stewardship and integrity of financial and natural resources.


100% Debt-Free

Ciudad Refugio is 100% debt free.  We are committed to offering our programs and services to the community in the most sustainable way possible without incurring debt or stretching ourselves beyond the means provided.


Solar Panel

Ciudad Refugio’s solar initiative provides electricity to operate foundation programs throughout the day. Our goal is to reduce energy costs and in time be able to sell energy back to the local government. The more we save the more we can invest in people. The solar panel project is innovative for Medellin and has drawn the attention of local media and education institutions.


Cell Towers

Ciudad Refugio is one of the tallest buildings in the community. We rent the top floor of our facility to a local cell phone provider as another local source of sustainable income for foundation programs.

Income generating projects cover 60% of existing program operation costs.

Income Generating Projects

Incoming generating projects are key to Ciudad Refugio’s long term sustainability. In addition to financial resources, projects generate work training and potential employment opportunities for individuals involved in our programs.

Key Income Generating Projects


Work Projects
(Manos que Obran)

Manos que Obran (hands that work) is a work project initiative of Ciudad Refugio building productive relationships with local businesses and factories. Organizations send us work contracts and the foundation provides the “hands that work.”



In partnership with Fricar, a local meat company, the Ciudad Refugio recycles 1000 kilos of cardboard weekly. Fricar donates the cardboard and the City of Refuge keeps 100% of revenue generated from its sale.


El Refugio Restaurant and Café

El Refugio Restaurant and Café provides baked goods, desserts, chicken and lunches to the local community at reduced prices. Managed and operated by program residents and volunteers, 100% of income goes directly towards Ciudad Refugio programs.



The City of Refuge operates two daily school routes generating employment opportunities for local workers and sustainable income for program operations. The buses can also be rented by other organizations in the city with transportation needs.

Ways to get involved


Come volunteer with us! Join individuals and groups from around the world signing-up to make a difference.


Give financially and make a direct difference in the lives of vulnerable men, women, children and families.

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