New Building Project

Over the years Ciudad Refugio’s programs have outgrown their physical capacity. We see this as the fulfillment of God´s promise that if we build in His name our house would be full.  Out of the demand for additional space in existing programs as well as a renewed sense of calling to continue responding to the need we see around us, we have stepped out in faith to construct a second ministry facility adjacent to our current building.


100% debt free

Ciudad Refugio remains committed to operating its programs without incurring debt.  We build as we are able to secure funds designated towards this effort as well as through existing income generating projects. 


Environmental friendly

Solar panel, water recycling and urban agriculture initiatives have been implemented in our existing facility and will be expanded in the new building.  Our goal is to make productive use of each square meter and to do so in a way that helps preserve the environment.


5-level design

Plans for each floor have been carefully designed by local architects and engineers to maximize the utilization of space.

Building purchased in 2014

Soil sampling


The new building plans have been designed with innovation and sustainability in mind.  Our goal is to make productive use of every square meter and to do so in a way that conserves natural resources through solar, water recycling and urban agriculture projects.


Residences (rent), short-term volunteers, long-term volunteers

Church expansion

Additional parking space

Office space

Children home schooling

Transition for ex-convicts

Medical clinic

Micro-enterprise expansion

The Back Story

Harry Dietrich

Men’s Program and Organizational Operations

Estimated timeline

Summer 2018


Ciudad Refugio is in the final process of securing the necessary permits and permissions required to build.  We plan to break ground in the Summer of 2018.

Spring 2020

Building Completion

Once building construction is under way our goal is to complete construction within two and a half years.

Ways to get involved


Bring a team

Come volunteer with us! Join individuals and groups from around the world signing-up to make a difference.


Donate to Construction

Give financially and make a direct difference in the lives of vulnerable men, women, children and families.

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