Taking applications from Colombian and German residents


In 2014, Ciudad Refugio was introduced to a local German living in Medellin working for Worldwide Volunteers in Germany as a mentor for German youth volunteers serving in Colombia.  That year we received our first group of 3 volunteers.  Since 2014 we annually receive German youth volunteers serving within our programs.

German volunteers serving at Ciudad Refugio, teach English and German in our homeschool program, assist in various capacities in our restaurant and bakery, and work with our feeding and outreach programs in the local community.  Our German volunteers also launched a fundraising initiative to generate awareness and funds for Ciudad Refugio programs.  One day a week they bake German pastries which they then sell in affluent neighborhoods in Medellin, while distributing information about Ciudad Refugio.

In 2016 this program was expanded to include selecting and training Colombian volunteers to serve with social service projects in Germany.  Volunteers in Germany serve in organizations working with children, elderly, refugees, and within the office of worldwide volunteers.

Currently Ciudad Refugio serves as a base of operation for those interested in traveling to serve as volunteers in Germany, managing the selection, training and preparation processes for outgoing volunteers.  We also mentor and provide training for German volunteers serving in the Medellin area.

Germans in Colombia


HappySchooling and German language class

Our German volunteers teach German to students in our HappySchooling program as well as to Colombian applying to serve as volunteers in Germany.  They also serve as mentors to children and youth involved with our programs.


Pan Aleman

In 2014 our first group of German volunteers launched project, “Pan Aleman,” where they baked German bread and pastries and then went to sell them in an affluent neighborhood in Medellin.  The project continues each year with new groups of volunteers raising funds and awareness for Ciudad Refugio programs.

Lydia, German volunteer serving in Colombia

Serving in Ciudad Refugio as a volunteer has been one of the most beautiful things in my life. I am amazed by all the things I get to see and experience during my time here in Colombia. Every funny, surprising, astonishing, touching and heart breaking moment adds up to a year full of opportunities to serve, learn and grow.

Priscilla, Colombian volunteer serving in Germany

Being in Germany, I have grown in every area.  I have a growing sense of what it means to be here as a Latina, and trying to the best version they can see of Colombia, learning to be pro-active, to give much more than I thought I had, to know God on a deeper level, at the level of loneliness, to enjoy the company of people without understanding what they say, to sacrifice my comfort to connect with people, to pay the price of my dreams, and I have developed a different level of relationship with my family and church.

Team Volunteer Application