Since 2014, HappySchooling – Ciudad Refugio’s homeschool education program – has provided values based education for children with special learning needs.  Through an internationally diverse team of teaching professionals and volunteers, students receive core curriculum plus language classes in English and German as well as vocational classes like computers and baking. HappySchooling is available for up to 25 students annually in grades K-12.  The goal is to make learning fun and to foster healthy relationships between the students and teaching team, making the classroom environment a home where positive academic experiences are created.

Protected environment

A safe place where children can focus on learning removed from the drugs and violence of Colombian public schools.

Value based education

Peace of mind that your child’s learning is in agreement with your values base.

Individual focused

Each child learns at his/her own pace, receiving the attention necessary for their unique needs.


Students from kindergarten to high school

Students represent children of individuals in our recovery programs, children of those who work and serve with us, and children from the local community.


Teachers and volunteers

We have a diverse teaching team including Colombian certified teachers as well as local and international volunteers from Germany and the USA.


Partnership with Bogota college

In collaboration with UNICAB, an online learning college based in Bogota, children pay a monthly fee and are connected with a virtual school were curriculum is tailored to their individual learning style, speed and needs. Students studying in Ciudad Refugio receive a 50% discount in UNICAB´s monthly fees and will manage the testing, evaluation and annual certification of each child.


I started in home school at the age of six years old with my brother at home. We did home school at home for two years until we started doing it in the foundation with some women from the foundation’s program. The home school program continued to grow, and now we are studying from a virtual platform called (The program was designed for students whose schedule is most compatible with a self paced style of learning).

Ways to get involved


Come volunteer with us! Join individuals and groups from around the world signing-up to make a difference.


Give financially and make a direct difference in the lives of vulnerable men, women, children and families.

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