Emergency Aid During Quarantine: An Update From Ciudad Refugio

 In Community Development
By : Pastor Douglas
In the days we are living in I am thankful to be a part of the body of Christ and for the privilege to be His light and peace to the troubled world around us. Similar to the majority of countries around the world, Colombia has been on full lock-down for more than a month.  Borders, schools and business are closed and under quarantine.  Social distancing, hand washing and protective clothing have become the trend of the day.  Streets are empty and people are becoming insular, turning to technology as a means to connect with the news of the world as well as to relate with one another.
As a non-profit organization with an emphasis on emergency relief, Ciudad Refugio has permission to move about the city for the purpose of feeding and providing shelter.  We are grateful for this permission because in Colombia as in much of the developing world, it is likely that many more will die from the resulting effects of poverty, violence and hunger than from the virus itself.  For those concerned, we are doing our part to respect, comply with and promote health guidelines and requirements as we do our humanitarian work.
Thank you to the individuals and organizations who have specifically chosen to partner with us in this season.  God is so faithful.  During the first week of the quarantine we began receiving calls of people in need of help we also began receiving donations of food, beverage, groceries and financial resources.  We have experienced the open hand of God’s provision and His desire to care for the poor and vulnerable.  Since the first week of quarantine, we have been able to feed more than 700 individuals weekly and provide groceries for more than 300 families weekly.  With the little that we have we are committed to reaching Colombian and Venezuelan communities not assisted by other forms of service and support – we believe this reflects the heart of God.  We spend entire days climbing mountains to reach homes made out of wood slabs with dirt floors, homes without running water or electricity. And as we have stepped out in faith we have seen miracles.  You can’t out give God.
We are blessed with dedicated workers, willing to serve on the front lines in spite of the risk.  We are committed to helping administer food to those in need for the next 3-6 months (as God allows) to provide critical aid to families struggling to rebuild post-quarantine. We humbly ask for your support.
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