Ready to Build! An Update from Pastor Douglas

 In Building Project

Dear family,

It is with much anticipation that I announce we have received final approval to start the demolition and construction of the new building. D-day is set for December 1, 2019 and we are anticipating project completion by the end of 2022. This has been a long, three-year process through which we have learned much about patience and trusting in the perfect timing of God. We can also see the muscles God has developed in us through this process of trusting and waiting, spiritual muscles that will under gird us in this time of stretching and growth.

Our vision is to have expanded space to utilize as housing and refuge. Housing for volunteers and missionaries coming to serve and be trained in front line ministry. Refuge for vulnerable children, youth and adults looking for for help and healing in Christ.

It is also our plan to be able to invest in the church, Casa de Refugio, giving it the proper space and attention it needs to grow. The church will provide spiritual covering for our programs and will be the motor behind our service, a sacred space of ongoing prayer where people can encounter the heart and mission of God.

I am indebted to those who have and continue to pray and support this vision. Through the generosity of many we have raised 60% of what we need to complete this project. We invite your continued support through our, “Sponsor a square foot” campaign.


We are endeavoring to raise funds to cover the 3,682 square feet needed to reach project completion. Each square foot costs $36 USD. Additionally, we are looking for those with constructing and engineering abilities to come and help.  May God bless you, and please come and see us in Medellin.

In His Service,
Pastor Douglas Calvano


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