Faithful in the Little

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By : Merlin M. | Volunteer

Ciudad Refugio was given a unique opportunity this school year to facilitate an English Club for students at a local high school.  Teams of volunteers would walk to the Intitución Tulio Ospina every Wednesday and Friday afternoons to conduct activities and promote English language skills among the students.  To be honest, the walk to the school was an easy downhill trek but the return trip was a tiring uphill climb.  It definitely burned off calories from a few of the sweets we can get from our bakery! We started this program in February of this year and initially it was a hit among the students.  At the start, we were regularly getting about 10 students each session but as time went on, the numbers started to dwindle. And naturally, we as volunteers were a bit discouraged by this.

But we noticed that the faithful few that would come were really invested.  And we began to do what our primary goal was: Build relationships! The students who initially were shy to even talk in to us in Spanish, began to open up to us about their lives, struggles, and dreams.  So while playing games and having conversations, the seeds of friendship began to bloom. We also began to invite the students to the foundation for our youth group and other youth related events.  And by the grace of God, a few began to come! Currently, we have a few students that come on Saturday night to the youth group at the foundation.  And some even come for the Sunday service at the church as well.

Last Wednesday was the last English club for this school year.  And we hosted a party for them at the foundation.  We played games with them like Mafia and ate snacks together.  It was amazing to see how much the students have grown since the program began.  They were at ease conversing in English and we are truly grateful to have played a small part in accomplishing this.  At the party, we also gave the students handmade Christmas cards.  Afterwards, one of the students wrote on social media that the English club was the best part of the school year for her! That made all of our hearts so full of joy to know that the little we did meant so much for her! And that we were able to make a difference in her life.

Personally, the experience with the English club has been a roller coaster ride.  I was initially disappointed  when the number of students started to dwindle as the months passed.  But I was so encouraged to see how God was building relationships and how if I am faithful in the little He will bless it and multiply it! So can I encourage you to do the same? In your job, in your responsibilities, in your service to God-Be Faithful.  Though you may not see it, know that God is faithful to bring 30, 60, and 100 fold fruit from the seeds that you plant today!

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