A Grateful Heart

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By Jaewon L. | Chiropractic Volunteer
My name is Jaewon Lee and I was blessed to be part of the team from World Care Specific Chiropractic to serve the people of Medellin, Colombia from March 22nd -29th.  My family is originally from South Korea and I am currently living in the United States to study chiropractic medicine.  To be completely truthful, I have not done a lot volunteer work in the last several years because my life has been so busy and full.  I had not taken time to stop and really look around to see how others were living.  And in my heart, I did not really realize how meaningful it was to serve people till I my experience volunteering with the foundation.  My perspective on so much has changed due to my time at Ciudad Refugio.
 Even though my purpose was to serve and help others through offering chiropractic care; I have received more than I gave.  For me every person I encountered, from the patients to the foundation staff have exemplified  love, kindness, gratitude and the true meaning of servant hood. Time and time again I saw this with the people I have helped and talked to this past week.
As I head home from my time serving with Ciudad Refugio I leave with a heart full of gratefulness.  I am grateful that I had a chance to serve and help minister to people with what I can do well.  I am grateful for a chance to have brought joy to so many kids just because they assumed I was a South Korean celebrity.  I am grateful for all the big moments but especially the small moments such as when I was able to hold the hand of a patient who was nervous and they granted me a smile of gratitude.  Most of all, I am grateful to have been given this opportunity to serve with WCSC and Ciudad Refugio. I want to extend a special thanks to everyone at the foundation for their help and kindness.  It truly has impacted my heart and I leave changed and with a new perspective on life and how to serve others.
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