Reaching the Community through English

 In Community Development, Volunteer

Julia R. | Long- term volunteer 

The ability to speak English fluently has proven to be an important key to success in our generation. It is the most popular second language people wish to learn and has been adopted globally as the language of business, science, and much online activity. There is a high demand among students and adults alike to learn English.

For Ciudad Refugio this year has been marked as a time for outreach and evangelism. And we at the foundation,  have been brainstorming how to better reach our immediate community in Medellin. The Lord heard our concerns and provided an unbelievable open door for us.  By the grace of God, we were recently given the opportunity to launch a brand new English Club at a local high school, Intitución Tulio Ospina. Every Wednesday and Friday afternoon, a group of English-speaking volunteers will head out to the school to practice conversation, pronunciation and grammar with the students.

We hope this club is the start of creating a bridge between high school aged students and the foundation. We pray that this one of many ways the foundation will continue to influence the people of this city, and eventually win many disciples for Christ. Please pray with us as we venture out to make an impact for Christ in Medellin!


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