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By Merlin M. | Volunteer

While the world is following after Marie Kondo to teach them to organize their lives; Ciudad Refugio was blessed to have been taught by our very own Pastor Marilu on how to order our lives and homes.  The women’s fellowship of Ciudad Refugio met on Friday, February 22nd  for an inspiring and much needed class on the importance of organization and discipline.  A large group of 30 plus women from the church and community were able to meet and spend time in fellowship and learn from the Word of God.

Pastor Marilu taught a timely class catered towards women on the importance of having order and discipline in our lives.    In a very practical and thought out manner, Pastor Marilu stressed the fact that God is a God of order. From the planets to the existence of life, He has a process and structure to everything.   The same should be applicable in our lives as well.  She also highlighted how disorder can create chaos and effect all areas of life-family, marriage, work, social, and most of all spiritual. Some effects of disorder include: confusion with respect to priorities, anxiety and fatigue, conflict within the family,  and lack of time for God.  However, with order and organization the benefits include: spiritual growth, balance in priorities, good habits with discipline and constancy, improved health, and time for God.  Lastly, the women were able to listen to the personal testimony of Darling,  the sister of Pastor Marilu, about how she transformed her life by implementing processes to improve order and organization in her life.  Darling provided practical steps that helped her including something as simple as keeping track of tasks and schedules by using a journal.

One thing is certain, no matter what corner of the world you live- Life is and always will be chaotic.  But taking small and practical steps can bring a sense of order and discipline to your life.  This not only makes a world of difference in how you  live day to day but also to help provide growth in your walk with God and in relation to those around you.

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