Ciudad Refugio on the Move in the Local Community

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By Rebekah S. | Staff

“As an NGO we want to work inside our walls offering a refuge, a place of healing, hope and restoration for those in need.  As a church we want to live outside our walls reaching the lost and affecting human need in the name of Christ.  Let’s strive to be both a refuge and a lighthouse.”   – Pastor Douglas Calvano, Ciudad Refugio.

In the months of November and December of 2018, Casa de Refugio launched an initiative encouraging the local church and community to invest funds towards feeding hungry families in Manantiales, Colombia’s second largest camp of displaced persons.  As a result, in January we were able to deliver food boxes and school supplies to 200 needy families.

In addition, we received a group of 44 youth who came to partner with us as a church in local community outreach.  Together with these passionate youth, we were able to impact 350 kids from public schools as well as nearly 300 children from local communities.  We also facilitated live music and evangelistic events in El Refugio, the Ciudad Refugio bakery and cafe, and local city parks.

We are excited to be a part of what Jesus is up to in our community, and we pray He continues to teach and guide us as we share His light.


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