Planting Seeds of Faith in the United States

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By Merlin M. |Short -Term Volunteer

For the first time in the history of Ciudad Refugio, Pastor Douglas and Harry went on a trip abroad to the United Stated together from October 10- October 31, 2018.  Anyone who knows Ciudad Refugio can understand how monumental this trip was because these two servants of God play such integral roles in the day to day workings of the foundation and the church. On the other hand, it’s uncertain what was harder for them: to spend so much time together or to spend so much time away from the ministry and their families.  But God truly blessed their trip with favor, open doors, and hazelnut coffee creamer and for that they are truly grateful and thankful.

Though the trip was only for a few weeks, their itinerary was jam packed with meetings and services.  They landed in New York and spent their first Sunday in the United States at their home church, Times Square Church (TSC).  Ciudad Refugio has a deep and lasting connection with Times Square Church and  is an “Anchor Project” of TSC.   In fact, Pastor Douglas came to serve in Medellin on a one-way ticket from Times Square Church.  So everyone at the foundation are grateful and treasure this ministry for their continual support!  After the 10 AM service at TSC, Harry and Pastor Douglas had the opportunity to meet with a team of prayer warriors and supporters of the ministry.  Most of the members of the prayer team in TSC have previously visited Ciudad Refugio for a short term missions trip and are faithful in meeting to intercede and pray for the ministry.  They were so thankful to this team for their prayers and upholding the ministry!

The Lord also provided opportunities for Pastor Douglas and Harry to meet other churches in New Jersey and within Pennsylvania.  One memorable experience was traveling to and speaking at Summit International School of Ministry in Grantville, PA.  At one meeting, more than 50 individuals came forward and expressed interest to serve in Colombia.  Praise God for this! May the Lord bring the workers who He has chosen to reap the harvest in Medellin.

Their trip ended with a visit to Florida.  Harry was able to attend the 80th birthday party for his parents and the Lord opened the door to meet with churches to share their heart and vision for the ministry.  On October 31st, Harry and Pastor Douglas returned back home to Medellin.  They looked rested and seemed ready to get back in the swing of things in terms of serving and ministry.  They were also so thankful for the leaders at Ciudad Refugio that ensured everything ran smoothly and without any hiccups in their absence.  Praise God for the exceptional and truly incomparable volunteers and staff that serve here!

They are thankful to God for all the opportunities and doors that the Lord opened on this trip.  It truly was the season of miracles and  they wait with expectation as the seeds of faith that were planted in the hearts of many to support the work of Ciudad Refugio take root and begins to grow.

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