My Refuge

By Gustavo Ruiz | Summit International School of Ministry Graduate, Long-term Volunteer 

I served for three years at Ciudad Refugio in various capacities: men´s ministry, homeless ministry, teaching and discipleship, translation and as a driver.  My time with this ministry has been one of the biggest blessings of my Christian life.  So much happened during this season, it is hard to summarize or capture with words.

Ciudad Refugio was awesome, it is the place where I discovered that I can be useful in the hand of God.  It is a very simple place with simple people responding to the call to love God and to love and serve those in need.

At Ciudad Refugio I experienced how God can use someone in different areas, forming gifts and talents as needed to accomplish the work at hand.  At the same time I experienced that I did not tire, as I served God seemed to  multiply my strength.  A lot of my time was spent serving God in little, practical, hands on ways (running errands or operating school routes in the ministry vehicles).  As served God in these simple ways, I wasn´t aware of how much He was doing in my heart.

Submission, faithfulness, perseverance, brotherhood, discipline, awareness of acceptance, awareness of my need for God, these are lessons you can´t learn in a classroom you learn them through time, consistency and intimacy with God in your service to Him.

God has been so good to me in Ciudad Refugio.  That does not mean that it has been without its struggles, but even the difficulties have worked for the good.

God has been my refuge.


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