The Why of Serving

 In Rehabilitation Programs, Volunteer

By Janie W. | Summer Intern & Student @ Summit Int’l School of Ministry 

Chase every opportunity to know Jesus more. Regardless of what this looks like we have to commit ourselves to this calling of intimacy. That is what God has been teaching me daily here in my 3 months in Medellin. I can think of myself as a missionary and find my identity in serving, it sounds good and it feels good, but the priority in the heart of God is for me to know Him more. I have been finding that ultimately what we have to offer people is paralleled to how we set our hearts to know Him in a greater depth. In the first weeks I spent in the City of Refuge I wanted to be used by God without being changed. However, God was showing me that a broken heart is a channel for His love. We can actually take on the heart of God for other people, but sometimes we have to feel the depth of His hurt to have a better understanding of the proportion of His love. I found that we actually receive new sight from this. Made visible to us is fragments of the image of God in addicts, a heavenly home awaiting the homeless, and the Kingdom of God belonging to children who have nothing. And we can give them our best, having no reservations we open our hands and our homes. We loose ourselves and find what is important. We don’t worry about getting dirty or what we have to loose, the thought never crosses our minds because our motivation to move is out of a love that is pure.

There was however a question constantly going through my mind in simple actions, “God, was it worth it.” Was it worth it to come all the way to Colombia to chop carrots this morning with the women in recovery? Was it worth it to come here to hold the hand of an elderly lady during Bible study in a remote mountain village? To share a mat on the street with a drug addict and pray together amid complete chaos. To dance and sing with little kids, to hug them and feed them and tell them about Jesus, to make them feel safe and loved. To laugh through a session of teaching English with broken Spanish. To shake the hands of the homeless and the imprisoned. Was it worth it? The answer will always be yes, even when I am not aware of the significance of a moment, when I look back on every ministry I had the privilege of being involved in, I do not see myself revealing who God is to people, but in every small action, and every hard place, I see God revealing Himself to me a little bit more. And that is beyond worth while, it is priceless. My time spent here was precious and life changing, when you know how good God is you will never question that what He has in store is worth it, you will know, and you will chase that opportunity because knowing Him is what makes life full and incredibly rich.

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