In Their Smiles

 In Agua Panela, Volunteer

By Mateo | Volunteer,  Agua Panela Ministry 

My experience serving with the ministry of Agua Panela has deeply impacted my heart.  I’ve learned that everyone – each of the men and women living on the streets and using drugs – is searching for love. some might find this population offensive but they are not, and they are genuinely open to receiving the authentic love of Christ.

One night while we were distributing agua panela con pan a homeless man approached and asked to pray for us.  This surprised me and made me so happy.  We thought we went to minister but here this man came to minister to us.  He approached us desiring to pray for us and then he prayed.  When he prayed for us, he prayed a very special prayer to Jesus, simply saying, “Thank you Jesus because through their smiles I can see Your face. God thank You because today is the best day of my life. Many people come here to bless us but I never have the opportunity to bless anyone, but today I do.”

When I heard these words, I thought “Wow, how God revealed Himself through the prayer of this man.”  For me the agua panela ministry has been spectacular and something I have never experienced before in my christian walk.  And I continue serving, determined to continue smiling and serving those we encounter with the most genuine love possible.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13, KJV

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