A Grateful Heart

 In Volunteer Team

By Dr. Jessica Quintero-Villa | Chiropractor Volunteer

I have had the privilege of working alongside the foundation two years in a row and it has been the most rewarding experience! I am a Specific Chiropractor in Connecticut. I have dual citizenship to Colombia as both of my parents are Colombian. As God would have it I partnered up with some incredible leaders in my profession, Times Square Church and the amazing foundation in Colombia, Ciudad Refugio, a source of many resources, including a church to the community, a homeless shelter, rehabilitation program, and a home school service in Medellin. The people are always so grateful and a women especially touched my heart, Maria Nelida Gimenez. Her hug was so profound that it filled my spirit up. This is why I leave my practice here in the states to serve in Colombia. The love and humility that comes from the people renews your spirit of what really is important in life: God. Service. Love.


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