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By Dr. John McCarthy | Chiropractor Volunteer

Hi, I’m Dr. John McCarthy, chiropractic brainstem specialist. I’ve traveled from Boston to the City of Refuge in Medellin, Colombia on three separate occasions since April 2017 to present (July ’18) and will be returning again in November ’18. My purpose has always been to share the message of good health through the brainstem specific procedure. I first learned about Times Square Church (TSC) and it’s anchor site, the City of Refuge sometime early in 2017 through Dr. Christopher Tabick. Dr. Tabick has been a member of TSC for many years and is a spiritual as well as professional mentor to me. When he invited me to participate in TSC’S first ever Chiropractic Missions trip I was ecstatic and immediately jumped on board. To be honest, I had no idea what was in store for me. At the time I had lost faith, I did not see it as necessary or an important part of living. In fact I almost threw out my Bible, the only reason I did not was because I couldn’t get myself to throw $70 in the garbage. But as I cleaned out my office one day I thought to myself, I will never need this again.

On my first Chiropractic Missions trip to the City of Refuge I knew we would be working alongside Christians. On one of the bus rides to an off site clinic we were working at for the day one of the missionaries from the foundation asked me if I was a Christian. I did not want to lie, and felt a little bit weird about telling her the truth, but I told her “I did not know if I was.” The person who asked me that is Paula, she is still there and I have seen and spoken to her since.  During this trip I saw many hard things, and I saw men & women, in particular 3 men who I look up to immensely. Pastor Douglas, Harry Deitrich and Dr. Tabick. I saw these three men navigate incredibly difficult situations, situations from which the outcome of life or death, sickness or health, nourishment or starvation etc. sometimes hangs in the balance of their decisions. I thought to myself how are these men able to navigate such a treacherous terrain of choices and decisions, how are they able to operate at such a high level of efficiency and energy. This cannot be coming from man alone, human flesh alone. There was one

common denominator. I saw these man often times turn to a book. In moments of quiet, in moments of turmoil and trying times I saw the repetitious pattern of how these men looked to this certain book, this certain set of instructions for direction in navigating all things. This struck me. It peaked my interested, softened my heart.

Time passes and I was back home in the states. Life was humbling me, as it does. And I found myself in need of an anchor, a compass, something bigger then myself to point me in the right direction, keep me on the path, help me to make decisions not clouded by anything other then truth. I slowly started to crack the book. I began to ask questions, to receive some instructions. All the while we kept working away in our offices, planning for the next Chiropractic missions trips to Colombia. We had founded an organization, World Care Specific Chiropractic and by our third trip in just over a year had a group of 23 doctors willing to come serve with us at the City of Refuge. By this time something had changed, my heart had done a complete 180. I couldn’t tell you the day, but at some point I woke up and I knew, I knew that I was a Christian. There was not a question in my mind. I still have a long way to go, this is just the beginning of the journey for me, but it is a start. I am so grateful for my experience at the City of Refuge, ALL of the people there, Times Square Church, Dr. Tabick and World Care Specific Chiropractic. Many blessings have befallen me in this time, and I feel a joy in my heart and strength that comes from something spiritual, whereas before there was doubt and exhaustion.

My first time experiencing a service at the City of Refuge in April ‘17 I did not even bother to listen to the translation of Pastor Douglas. I was that guy. It’s not that I had anything against it, or that I was upset about it or anything. I just wasn’t interested. For someone who is reading this and has felt the Spirit move through them during worship you will need no description to know what I feel now when I am the foundation for worship. I think about the foundation on Sundays often, and day dream to be back there and to feel the purity of the Word and be around the work that is happening there. I have since found a church at home, Boston Church of Christ and attend the Southern Cities region. I have begun a Bible study to learn about discipleship and have a strong community of disciples around me, and for that I am grateful.

There are still moments of doubt, hardship and worry in my life. Somehow things are different now with even the little knowledge I have of the Bible. Beneath it all is a sense of love and peace and joy. I could go on writing for a long time, but I have seen things happen beneath my hands with patients which could be considered nothing short of miraculous. The only explanation of this is a change in my heart, it’s the same procedure as before. The feeling is as if someone has taken a key to my heart and unlocked it, and a flood gate has opened. I do not take credit for any of this, as I am just a messenger. An empty vessel, a hollow bone through which God flows from above, down, inside and out. In closing I would just like to say thank you. Pastor Douglas, Harry and Dr. Tabick are incredible men. I hope that they get all of the credit they deserve and more. Anything that can be done to support the City of Refuge Foundation, may it be done. I feel blessed to be in such great company of people and organizations. Amen.

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