The Beauty in Growth

 In Volunteer

By Lydia | Volunteer from Germany 

Serving in Ciudad Refugio as a volunteer has been one of the most beautiful things of my life. I am amazed by all the things I get to see and experience during my time here in Colombia. Every funny, surprising, astonishing, touching and heart breaking moment adds up to a year full of opportunities to serve, learn and grow. 

Coming to Colombia I didn’t expect to be challenged in so many different ways. It starts with the simple things like teaching a class or learning a new language but also includes being confronted with a new culture, with poverty, hopelessness and addiction as well as facing different personal struggles. It is exactly these challenges however that are bringing me out of my comfort zone, pushing me forward to learn new skills, questioning old habits and ways of thinking, and growing in my personality. 

It is a privilege for me to witness the lives of people in the foundation programs being changed, seeing a sincere smile on somebody´s face where I could only see brokenness and heartache before.

This year is for sure the most intense one of my life so far! And I am so thankful for this opportunity to come to Ciudad Refugio for a year and be part of this ministry. Even though it is hard at times it is definitely worth it!

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