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By Daniel Lee | Short-Term Volunteer 

My first visit to the “foundation” was unplanned while I was vacationing to Colombia using my friends itinerary. A few people from my church mentioned I should stop by if I get a chance. While I was on the local train, I saw that Ciudad Refugio was the 2nd stop (looking at Google Maps). So I got off the train, took a walk up the hill and pop my head in and was quickly welcomed by Rebekah and Harry who mistakenly thought I was another person they were expecting. But they asked if I wanted to hangout and go to Agua Panela in the evening. I thought “sure, why not. I don’t know anyone else in Colombia!” So to make a long story short, after that first day, I was so moved and surprised by how wonderful and organized the foundation was. I ended up staying the entirety of my vacation.

I’m a UX designer from New York and I wanted to use my experience to help make an informative website. So I kept in touch, made 2 more longer visits (one with my church) and spent the spring and summer making a website for the foundation. On my last visit I was able to bring my SLR, DJI and laptop to put content together and sit with Rebekah to organize a structure for the website. During my time living at the foundation (3-weeks), I had a blast. I was able to participate in ministry work, build friendships with the men and women who live in the foundation, hangout and explore Medellin with the German volunteers, and enjoy the company of a friendly dog Lucas. I got to order and eat loads of food from the cafe (steak and eggs for breakfast almost everyday!) and find the best mangos I could so I can eat as much of it as possible throughout the day.

I’m so thankful and inspired to see the hard work done by both the workers and the program interns. Lives are being changed by faith in a great God in small and big things are happening. During my time I learned that people really do live by faith and ultimately thats the only way to live life. I hope that I can be a “foundation” in my workplace, neighborhood, church, and everywhere I travel. I plan to visit again to see all the good fruit from everyones labor. I hope anyone reading this will make a visit and show love to these wonderful people.


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