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Hello friends and fur buddies!

My name is Lucas, and like many that come to the foundation I came because I did not have a home. As a dog it was very difficult finding a home because street dogs in Medellin don’t get a lot of attention, this is why my story of finding my place at this foundation is pawsome.

Before the summer of 2017, life was ruff for me. Until this one day, I found myself hanging out by a mountain and river, and from a distance I saw a group of strangers having fun, my ears perked up to their laughter; I was immediately drawn to them. I walked up to them hoping they would pick up on my hints of wanting to play fetch so, I sniffed out a rock and brought it to them and I was one lucky dog because they played with me from morning to late afternoon. After throwing the rocks a couple times and seeing my teeth, they quickly switched the rock to a ball because they noticed that I had close to no teeth. Having close to no teeth has been a struggle in picking things up but it has never stopped me from getting the best rocks, balls, and sticks for fetch.

As the day progressed, I became comfortable with these strangers, so my tail and ears went up in alert when I noticed that they were packing up to leave. As they were packing up, they started shouting and asking people around if they knew where my owner was, I joined them and continuously barked to see if someone appeared. No one answered my call or theirs.

After no one turned up they huddled together. This is when my ears perked up because they started talking about providing me with a home, everything they were saying are tails you hear about on the streets of Medellin, it sounded like paradise. I couldn’t believe what was being said that they would provide a place for me to sleep, food every day, someone I could hang out with, 100 hours of fetch with a ball?! Not everyone gets a second chance like this, so I knew something big going to happen when they knighted me with the name Lucas, and then asked me the most important question of my life, “Lucas do you want to come with us?” this was the question that I automatically barked “woof woof woof” (translation “Yes, yes, yes!”). I was taken to the Ciudad Refugio van, there was only one seat left, and I knew that seat was meant for me. I was a little scared of the unknown but ready for a new adventure and a second chance at life with these amazing people.

When I arrived, like many street dogs, I was dirty and infested with critters, so they had to take me to the doctors and take me a bath, they told me it was for the best and boy did I look and feel different afterwards. They kept their promise and took me home.

After being here for a few years, I think this has been a mutually beneficial arrangement, especially for my owners. See, they work very hard jobs and it could be very stressful, because they work with at-risk individuals and with people in the rehabilitation program. Many times, they need a small break and I always try to be available to provide that for them. Being in a rehabilitation program can become hard for many in the program as well, it comes with frustrations, obstacles, and hardships because many of these men and women don’t get to see their loved ones ever so often because they are trying to become better people for themselves and the families they left behind. I try to lighten the mood for everyone in the foundation by playing fetch, being an ear to listen to their hi and lows of the day, allowing them to clear their minds by doing many activities with me and many have told me that I am a reminder of their furry friend back home and they can’t wait to one day be reunited with their best friend.

So, this is my job as a foundation staffer, it is to provide everyone and anyone a time where they can relax, and I get to do what I do best which is show them love through my games and hundreds of licks and kisses daily. They seem happier after spending time with me and I am always happy spending time with them. Being with them helps them destress and brings comfort. I always want them to remember that at the end of the day, they will always have a friend wagging and waiting eagerly for them.

These people have become my new friends and family, I don’t really have an owner because everyone takes care of me. I am blessed to have a large family. Like many of these men and women, this foundation desires to provide a change in the lives of people and a dog like me. There is a better future for all of us and this is why this foundation is my incredible home.

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