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By Luis Tapasco | Men´s Program Graduate, Ciudad Refugio Leader  

When I was an adolescent I began to drink alcohol and spend time in clubs. As I grew older I continued in this lifestyle and at the age of 18 I used cocaine for the first time.  This led me quickly into addiction and I spent 5 years as a slave to drugs.  As a result of my addiction I damaged relationships with my family and my girlfriend at the time.

Four years into my addiction the situation was bad enough that I became homeless and spent a year and a half living on the streets of Medellin.

That is how I came to know Ciudad Refugio.  I started sleeping in the shelter and then moving on into the restoration program as part of the first group of men in the men´s restoration program.

I graduated the program 14 years ago and decided to stay and serve in the foundation.   During this time, I have been able to finish my high school education and also graduate with a theology degree from a local bible institute.  In 2014 God blessed me with a wife and I currently serve as coordinator of the men´s restoration program.



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