Interested in short or long term volunteering?

Life changing opportunities start here

Whether you want to serve long or short term, there is a home for you at Ciudad Refugio. Some come to discern God’s calling ministerially or vocationally. Some come to teach. Some support the church. Some work in the youth group. And some just want to brush up on their Spanish. For whatever reason you come, anyone and everyone that shares our DNA of, “Love God and Serve People” is welcome at the City of Refuge.

Internship benefits

Most innovative city in the world

Spend time in the city internationally renowned for its innovation.

A sense of home

Our accepting environment and family style atmosphere causes those who serve to feel as though they have found home.

Modern infrastructure

Medellin is famous for its metrocables, metro, and outdoor electric escalators.

Learn local culture

Medellin is a diverse urban hub rich in its culture of music, dance, food and hospitality.

City of eternal spring

Medellin enjoys springtime weather all year around.

A place for everyone

Due to our family environment and the time we take to love and laugh together, it doesn’t take long for those who serve with us to feel like they fit right in.

Long term

Ciudad Refugio’s long term volunteers serve with us for a minimum of one year.  Some are from here in Colombia, others make their way here from the USA, Germany or other Latin American countries.  Together our volunteers reflect the diversity of God´s heart and His commitment to serving those in need.

United States


Short term

Ciudad Refugio’s short-term volunteers represent more than 100 individuals from more than 20 local and international organizations.  Whether volunteering for the first time or frequent travelers, here in Colombia, our volunteers experience God´s heart in a culture and amongst a people that leave them marked forever.

United States